High-Pressure Oil Pump Upgrade for 7.3L Powerstrokes


Original story by Diesel Power Magazine:

The words fuel and oil go hand in hand for 7.3L Power Stroke owners. They know all too well that anytime you upgrade the fuel side of the HEUI injection system, you’d better be ready to step up the oil delivery as well.

With a set of 160cc Stage 1 injectors from Bean’s Diesel Performance, a custom-tuned TS Performance six-position chip from Total Diesel Performance, and a CPR fuel system from DieselSite, our ’97 Ford F-350 Power Stroke’s fuel equation was taken care of. Now we’ve moved on to the oil side of things.

We were thoroughly impressed with DieselSite’s fuel system (“Complete Fuel System,” Jan. ’10) and decided to contact the company for an upgraded high-pressure oil pump as well. Called the Adrenaline, this aftermarket, high-volume, high-pressure oil pump has proven capable of keeping up with Stage 1, Stage 2, and even hybrid fuel injectors in ’941⁄2 to ’03 7.3L Power Strokes. And at $589, it’s very affordable for the enthusiast on a budget. In fact, at the time we went to press, DieselSite claimed to have already sold more than 700 of them.

We made a trip back over to the guys at OC Diesel Shop for our high- pressure oil pump install. Once the pump was in, we quickly realized why it’s such a hot item. The engine’s smoke cleaned up, throttle response increased, power came on lightning fast (yet smooth), and start-ups were very crisp. Read on to see how the install went

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