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Have a leak? …Feel or hear something? Is your truck just not performing the way it used to? Bring it in and we’ll be able to fix any problem! Specializing in Diesel and Gas Trucks.


One thing we love to do here at Bud’s is take your truck to the next level! Custom tuning, programmers, injectors, twin turbos…we do it all!


Diesel Repair & Performance

15135 Jackson St. Midway City, CA 92655

Monday – Friday: 8am – 5:30pm
Saturday: By Appointment Only
Sunday: Closed

When it comes to your diesel vehicle and diesel truck repair it is important that reliability is never an issue. Because most customers either need their truck for business use or to get your family to river safely we have the knowledge and skill to keep your vehicle on the road for years to come. Diesel trucks are unique vehicles and as a result are more complex than typical gas vehicles to repair. Diesel vehicles require vast knowledge and years of experience to repair them properly. What sets Buds Diesel apart from others is that we know the ins and outs of diesel vehicles which will insure you receive the best repair possible. Furthermore some trucks require different repairs than others and require flexibility. Below is an example of some the repairs we perform regularly and if you don’t see a repair you need listed don’t worry, we can fix that too!

Ford Power Stroke

  • EGR & Oil cooler replacement “BulletProofing”
  • Head Gasket replacement
  • FICM (fuel injection control module) replacement
  • Turbo cleaning/Turbo replacement
  • Transmission repair/replacement
  • DEF fluid system
  • Fuel injector replacement
  • Fuel system repair

Chevy/GMC Duramax

  • Front steering/suspension repair/upgrades
  • Water pump replacement
  • Fuel Injector replacement (we’re looking at you LB7 owners)
  • Fuel injection pump (cp3 and cp4)
  • Glow plugs and glow plug module replacement
  • EGR system repairs.
  • Allison transmission repair
  • DEF fluid system

Dodge Cummins

  • Transmission replacement
  • Electrical repair
  • Fuel injector replacement
  • Injection pump replacement
  • Lift pump replacement
  • Cooling system repairs
  • Turbo repair/replacement
  • Did we mention transmission replacement?


  • We provide quality work at a fair price
  • Diesel maintenance, repair and performance
  • We have all the right equipment to complete any job
  • We specialize specifically on Diesels and have a great reputation
  • We have a well trained staff and certified technicians
  • We keep our customers happy and their vehicles running

We here at Buds Diesel bring our A game to work every day. Whether it is major repairs or a simple tune up on your vehicle. You can rest assured that your vehicle is in great hands, so you can get back on the road. If you drive a diesel, pick-up, TDI, or commercial truck and have a check engine light on, oil leak, coolant leak or any other drivability concerns. we’re a company you can trust. Here at Buds Diesel, along with your general service and filter change, we install turbos, injectors, fuel injection pumps, head gaskets and other differential repair. We also quality diesel exhaust, cold air intakes and super power programmers at our shop. Buds Diesel is the only place to take your diesel in Orange County!






Bud’s Diesel is a family run business in Huntington Beach, CA by husband and wife duo Paul “Bud” & Lori Anderson. Bud’s passion for diesels dates back way before the Ford dealership days. Once upon a time there was a young boy who loved trucks, but not just any trucks … diesel trucks. There was something with the powerful engines thundering, the black smoke dancing, the ability to go anywhere at anytime took over Bud’s mind and consumed him early in his life. Fast forward 40 years and Bud has his own shop completely surrounded by the thing he loves most … his friends and family.

Our professional technicians, state-of-the-art technology, and commitment to maintain integrity and the highest work standards possible has placed us in the position of being one of the Orange County’s premier diesel and automotive repair shop.

Bring your vehicle in with confidence, knowing that quality is our primary goal. Our technicians are not only ASE certified technicians, but Factory trained as well who specialize in varied aspects of vehicle maintenance and High Performance modifications.  Click on our Services link for more information.

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